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Nagisa (, Nagisa) — пяты трэк першага дыска Clannad Original Soundtrack. Выпушчаны 13 жніўня 2004 гады.

Гэта музычная тэма Нагісы Фурукавы. Музыка таксама выкарыстоўваецца ў Dango Daikazoku, Nagisa: Parting at the Foot of the Hill і Small Palms.

Clannad Original Soundtrack
Дыск 1 UshioFantasyMag MellTown, Flow of Time, PeopleNagisaThat's Like the WindÉtude Pour les Petites SupercordesHurry, StarfishHer DeterminationTea Party in the Reference RoomSpring BreezeCountry LaneMeaningful Ways to Pass the TimeThe Days LeisureDumbA Pair of IdiotsReduce to AshesExistencePhase of the MoonIncessant
Дыск 2 SnowfieldRoaring TideRoaring Tide IITOETo the Same HeightsThe Place Where Wishes Come TrueShining in the Sky-Two Shadows-White CloversDistant Years -piano-SummertimeDistant YearsCountry TrainThe Place Where Wishes Come True IIAnaNagisa: Parting at the Foot of the HillChiisana Tenohira
Дыск 3 Fantasy IISpring Breeze -afternoon-Spring Breeze -tempo up-Spring Breeze -piano-Meaningful Ways to Pass the Time -guitar-Meaningful Ways to Pass the Time -sax-Existence -e.piano-Existence -piano-Mag Mell -cockool mix- (full ver.)Mag Mell (short ver.)Mag Mell -cockool mix- (short ver.)-Two Shadows- (short ver.)Ana (short ver.)Ana (full ver.)Mag Mell (off vocal ver.)Chiisana Tenohira (off vocal ver.)-Two Shadows- (off vocal ver.)Unused Track 1Unused Track 2
Clannad Film Soundtrack
Dango Dango DangoTomoya's DreamCheered-up NagisaBread Buying CompetitionFriendshipNagisaBurning with WishesIntimate FamilyA Talk about DreamsSouvenir PhotographAt the BeachIncidentSomething ChangesMarching BandA Fun Founder's FestivalNagisa's Enthusiastic Performance!Dancing NagisaI Love YouNagisa's DeathFather's WordsYoshino BandReunion with UshioMag Mell (frequency⇒e Ver.)Marmelo (fildychrom)Marmelo (fildychrom La la la Ver.)Chiisana Tenohira (Eufonius Ver.)Promise