Mag Mell
Megu Meru

Mag Mell OP Shot
Album Clannad Original Soundtrack
Artist Eufonius
Released 13 August 2004
Length 4:52
Label Key Sounds Label
Lyrics by Riya
Music by Eufonius
Arrangement by Kiku

Mag Mell (メグメル, Megu Meru?) is the third track of the first disc of the Clannad Original Soundtrack album. A remix of it (Mag Mell ~cuckool mix 2007~) is the opening theme song of Clannad, and was used from On the Hillside Path Where the Cherry Blossoms Flutter to Another World: Tomoyo Chapter. It is also the opening theme song of the Visual Novel and the movie. It was released on 13 August 2004.

There were four other versions of Mag Mell released in the Clannad Original Soundtrack. These are Mag Mell (short version), Mag Mell -cockool mix- (full version), Mag Mell -cockool mix- (short version) and Mag Mell (off vocal version). All four are tracks of the third disk of the Clannad Original Soundtrack.

Three more versions of Mag Mell were released in Mag Mell / Dango Daikazoku; Mag Mell ~cuckool mix 2007~, Mag Mell ~cuckool mix 2007~ -TV animation Ver.-, and Mag Mell ~cuckool mix 2007~ -off vocal ver.-. The song was also released as the ninth track in the album Mabinogi. A piano arrange version can be found in Piano no Mori, and a remixed version can be found in Memento. The version used for the film can be found in Mag Mell (frequency⇒e Ver.) and the film soundtrack.



透き通る 夢を見ていた
やわらかい 永遠
風のような かすかな声が
このまま 飛び立てば

光の中 揺らめいた
言葉も 想いも全部
残さず 伝えて きっと

不確かな 気持ちを抱く
どうしても 不安で
今はまだ 知らないけれど
いつかその目に うつる時が来る
世界は 続いている

重ねた 手と手の中に
小さな 未来が見えたら
記憶を さあ解き放とう
まっすぐな 心の先に
繋がる 時間が あるから

冷たい朝の日も 迷わずに進んでゆくよ
痛みも悲しみも 味方に変えながら
君をてらしている 大気がまだ消えないなら
僕を待っていて 静かに見おろして

重ねた 手と手の中に
小さな 未来が見えたら
光の中 揺らめいた
言葉も 思いも全部
遥かな 君まで 残さず 伝えて きっと


Sukitooru yume o mite ita
Yawarakai eien
Kaze no you na kasuka na koe ga
Takai sora kara boku o yonde iru
Kono mama tobitateba
Doko ni datte yukeru

Hikari no naka yurameita
Kotoba mo omoi mo zenbu
Nokosazu tsutaete kitto

Futashika na kimochi o idaku
Dou shite mo fuan de
Ima wa mada shiranai keredo
Itsuka sono me ni utsuru toki ga kuru
Sekai wa tsuzuiteru
Kimi o mezashinagara

Kasaneta te to te no naka ni
Chiisa na mirai ga mietara
Kioku o saa tokihanatou
Massugu na kokoro no saki ni
Tsunagaru jikan ga aru kara

Tsumetai asa no hi mo mayowazu ni susunde iku yo
Itami mo kanashimi mo mikata ni kaenagara
Kimi o terashite iru taiki ga mada kienai nara
Boku o matte ite shizuka ni mioroshite

Kasaneta te to te no naka ni
Chiisa na mirai ga mietara
Hikari no naka yurameita
Kotoba mo omoi mo zenbu
Haruka na kimi made nokosazu tsutaete kitto


I was having a transparent dream
It was a tender eternity
The faint, wind-like voice
Is calling me from the high sky
If I take off while like this
I can go anywhere

Surely I'll unreservedly tell you
The words, feelings, and everything
That flickered in the light

I embrace an uncertain feeling
I feel uneasy no matter what
Now I still don't know
But someday, the moment when I reflect in your eyes will come
The world continues on
While I'm gazing at you

If we can see a little future
Inside of our hands joined together
Then come on, let's release our memories
Because there's a time connected
To what's beyond my straightforward heart

Even on the day of a cold morning, I'll move forward unhesitatingly
While I turn pain and sorrow into my allies
If the atmosphere that illuminates you hasn't disappeared yet
Then wait for me and quietly look down

If we can see a little future
Inside of our hands joined together
Then the words, feelings, and everything
That flickered in the light-
Surely I'll unreservedly tell them to the distant you


  • Mag Mell ("plain of joy") was a mythical realm in Irish mythology analogous to the Greek Elysium and the Norse Valhalla.
  • Mag Mell was covered in metal style as the second song of the album Keeper of Metal Key Part II by the doujin metal band South of Heaven.
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