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A Hidden Past
Himerareta Kako
Clannad, Episode 20
Tomoya and Akio having a conversation atop the bakery.
Tomoya and Akio having a conversation atop the bakery.
Air date (Japan) 6 March 2008
Air date (US) 19 July 2009
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A Hidden Past (秘められた過去, Himerareta Kako?) is the twentieth episode of Clannad. The episode was first broadcast in Japan on 6 March 2008, and in the United States on 19 July 2009.


After hearing Nagisa talk about the story for the play she wants to perform, Tomoya tries asking Nagisa's parents about it, but they do not know any story like that. After Akio catches Tomoya and Nagisa in the shed, he tells them to leave, and later brings Tomoya aside to tell him about what happened in the past. Ten years prior, Nagisa was running a high fever one snowy day, and in the midst of this, her parents had to work, so they left her alone for a couple of hours. When Akio returned, he found Nagisa collapsed outside as she had been waiting for them to return. Due to Nagisa nearly dying, both of her parents abandoned their jobs and their dreams in order to protect Nagisa. Akio tells Tomoya not to tell either Sanae or Nagisa about the story since he does not want it coming up again. Tomoya goes on a picnic with Nagisa's family, and during a baseball game with some local young boys, Nagisa accidentally confesses her love to Tomoya indirectly.

Major events[]

  • Akio tells Tomoya about Nagisa's near-death experience.