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A New Life
Atarashii Seikatsu
Clannad, Episode 19
Scene from A New Life
Air date (Japan) 28 February 2008
Air date (US) 12 July 2009
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A New Life (新しい生活, Atarashii Seikatsu?) is the nineteenth episode of Clannad. The episode was first broadcast in Japan on 28 February 2008, and in the United States on 12 July 2009.


The drama club is finally re-established and Koumura is shared with the choir club. Tomoya's homeroom teacher goes to Tomoya's house to ask his father about his future, but Tomoya's father says that is something that Tomoya has to decide for himself. Seeing the strained relationship between Tomoya and his father, Nagisa offers to have Tomoya stay over at her house for the time being, which he accepts. After coming home from school, Tomoya finds several small kids in Nagisa's house and finds out Sanae is instructing them in a cram school. Nagisa confides to Tomoya that she feels she did something really bad to her parents in the past, but she cannot remember what it is, and her parents say that she must be imagining it.

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