Atsuko Okazaki
Okazaki Atsuko

Atsuko Okazaki (2)
Relatives Naoyuki Okazaki (husband)
Tomoya Okazaki (son)
Ushio Okazaki (granddaughter)
Nagisa Furukawa (daughter-in-law)

Atsuko Okazaki (岡崎敦子, Okazaki Atsuko?) was Tomoya's mother. Though details of her life are scarce, On the Hillside Path Where the Cherry Blossoms Flutter indicates that she was involved in a car accident while her son Tomoya was only a child. After the accident, Atsuko was taken to the hospital, but despite the doctors' efforts, she unfortunately died. Leaving Naoyuki, Tomoya's father, to raise him alone. A picture of Atsuko is shown in the Clannad movie, one of her eyes is slightly blurred out. Atsuko and Naoyuki were married to each other while still in high school.

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