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Basketball Team Captain

Basketball Team Captain
Occupation Captain of the Basketball Team
Anime debut 3 on 3
Japanese voice actor Kenji Hamada
English voice actor Chris Hutchison

The Basketball Team Captain is a member of the Basketball Team.


He has short, brown hair, gray eyes and a muscular build. He is seen wearing his school's basketball uniform.


He appears in the anime as a minor character in 3 on 3. He appears alongside his teammates in Hikarizaka Private High School's gymnasium after Youhei Sunohara challenged the basketball team to a game, 3 on 3. He is an old teammate of Tomoya Okazaki when he was still a member of the basketball team before his shoulder injury. After the Captain explains the rules of the game, Okazaki remarks that if Oogami, the basketball team's advisor, finds out about the match, there might be hell to pay, to which the Captain replies, "It's worth the risk to see you play again." He is later seen observing the match between the freshman basketball players and Sunohara's team consisting of Sunohara, Okazaki and Kyou Fujibayashi.

After Sunohara's team gains the upper hand, he yells at the freshman players, encouraging them to not hold back. He later strategizes with the senior members, noting to keep an eye out for Okazaki, telling them he still can't raise his right shoulder due to his injury, and to keep the pressure on Sunohara and Fujibayashi so they don't have any room to take a good shot at the basket. Later, the Captain and the senior members face off against Sunohara's team, proving to be quite a challenge, taking the lead after scoring more points. A minute before the game ends, the Captain tries to block Okazaki from scoring but fails, and Sunohara's team wins the game. Soon after Oogami arrives, the Captain notes to Okazaki that maybe he could still play after all, despite his injury.