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Occupation Pet, kindergarten mascot
Anime debut Once Again After Crying
Relatives Kyou Fujibayashi (owner)
Japanese voice actor Machiko Kawanai
English voice actor Melissa Davis

Button (ボタン, Botan?), most commonly referred to by her rōmaji name Botan, is Kyou's pet boar. Despite loving her owner, Botan hates and fears her twin sister Ryou, since she once tried to get her into the bath with her, which she mistook for an attempt of cooking her alive. Botan is well known for her catchphrase "Puhi-Puhi", the sounds that she makes.

In the anime, Botan is female; however, in the original visual novel, Botan is male. This article makes use of feminine adjectives and pronouns.


Botan often tries to sneak into school during class time to see Kyou and because of her small size and physical appearance, many characters speak about eating her during the series, such as Sunohara or Kappei. This often results in Kyou attacking them with dictionaries or other weapons if she hears them. It is mentioned that Botan has Seven Secret Skills, four of which are seen during the series or visual novel. One of them is "Plushie", in which she takes the appearance of a stuffed doll by becoming very stiff. A second one is "Rugby Ball", in which she bends her legs and curls her body until her shape is that of a ball which Kyou can use as a projectile. The third is "Massager", where she begins to vibrate rapidly. Finally, the fourth one shown is "Pillow". It is exactly the same as "Plushie" except for the fact that she becomes even softer and bouncy. Kyou actually sleeps on her every once in a while. Tomoya thinks that all these skills are just a demonstration of animal cruelty. Botan shows up from time to time, but serves mostly for comic relief.

~After Story~[]

Later in Clannad ~After Story~, Botan has become an adult boar but still has a generally calm and pleasant personality. She is the kindergarten's pet, and will often let children ride on her back. Kyou states that all the children love her very much, and this is later confirmed by Ushio, who is seen riding her around. She also says that Botan gets satisfaction from children sliding down her back. Instead of saying "Puhi-puhi", Botan instead says "Gofu". For some reason, Ushio calls her "Nabe". Although, the reasoning of it may be because of how earlier in the series, Tomoya would joke about how Botan got her name from botan nabe; a Japanese pork stew [citation needed].

Another World: Kyou Chapter[]

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Botan plays a small but important role in this chapter, leading Tomoya to where Kyou is in the rain.