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Choir Club


The Choir Club was formed by Rie Nishina and her friends.


The Choir Club first make their appearance when Nagisa Furukawa asks them if they could have Toshio Koumura as their advisor. Sugisaka actively refuses, and even threatens to hurt Nagisa if she tries to establish the Theater Club. Youhei Sunohara, Tomoya Okazaki, and Nagisa eventually confronts her after school. Sugisaka later explains that Rie used to play the violin well when she was little but got into an accident. When Rie went to high school, she and her friends formed the Choir Club since Rie always looked lonely, and because Rie could still sing. She then begs Nagisa to not get in her way, but Youhei calls Sugisaka a cheater for trying to get their sympathy. She appears with Rie to watch Youhei, Tomoya and Kyou Fujibayashi go against the Basketball Team. When Tomoya and the rest won the match, Sugisaka relented and reached a compromise with Nagisa: they would share Koumura as an advisor for their clubs.

~After Story~[]

Sugisaka and Rie attend Nagisa's graduation. Later on, Sugisaka and Rie begin working in a family restaurant as waitresses after their graduation. Rie gets Nagisa to work with them too.

Clannad (film)[]

Kotomi Ichinose is seen conducting a song for the members of the Choir Club.