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Face Toward the School Festival
Gakuensai ni Mukete
Clannad, Episode 21
Nagisa rehearsing her role for the School Festival.
Nagisa rehearsing her role for the School Festival.
Air date (Japan) 13 March 2008
Air date (US) 26 July 2009
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Face Toward the School Festival (学園祭に向けて, Gakuensai ni Mukete?) is the twenty-first episode of Clannad. The episode was first broadcast in Japan on 13 March 2008, and in the United States on 26 July 2009.


Nagisa and her friends continue to practice for the play, such as reciting tongue twisters, choosing which music to use for the play, lighting, and stage direction. Akio rents a play on video, and Nagisa finds it very touching, plus it was the first play she ever saw. Tomoya and Akio try to find the script of the play that Nagisa is going to perform in the shed but do not find it. The drama club has a practice the day before the school festival is to begin and it goes well. The night before the school festival, Nagisa looks for a flashlight in the shed, but bumps into some boxes and discovers photographs and diaries of her parent's pasts.

Major events[]

  • Nagisa finally sees that she was correct at her assumption.