Clannad Wiki
Album Clannad Original Soundtrack
Artist Magome Togoshi
Released 13 August 2004
Length 3:22
Label Key Sounds Label
Music by Magome Togoshi
Arrangement by Magome Togoshi

Fantasy (幻想, Gensō?) is the second track of the first disc of the Clannad Original Soundtrack album. It was released on 13 August 2004. There is a second version of Fantasy known as Fantasy II, which is the first track of the third disk of the Clannad Original Soundtrack. Both of the versions are played during the scenes which take place in the Illusionary World both in the anime and the visual novel.

The song was used as a base for the first track in the Sorarado album. It is called The Girl's Fantasy and is sung by Riya. It was used as an insert song in the Clannad ~After Story~ episode Small Palms.