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Three members of the Fuko Fan Club.

The Fuko Fan Club was a club formed for Fuko Ibuki. The club had many of her starfish carvings and honored Fuko. Though at first, it is a relatively small fan club, it later grows into a very large group. The group seems to consist entirely of males.


At one point when Youhei Sunohara was teasing Fuko, she used her fingers to create a whistle. Although it didn't at first appear to have any effect, the Fuko fan club rushed to her aid shortly after and carried Youhei away, though Fuko doesn't actually know where they went. They appear during the school festival where they have a stand that contains many starfish-related items. Just like everyone else, they eventually forgot who Fuko was after the condition of her real body started to worsen.

Members of the Fuko Fan Club once mistook Tomoya for Fuko's sibling, and therefore always addresses him as "dear brother of Fuko-chan".