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Garbage doll
Garakuta no ningyou

Garbage doll
Anime debut The First Step
Japanese voice actor Akiko Yajima
English voice actor Shannon Emerick

The Garbage Doll (ガラクタの人形, Garakuta no ningyou?) is a character from the Illusionary World. His voice appeared in On the Hillside Path Where the Cherry Blossoms Flutter, the very first episode of Clannad, however, he does not make an actual appearance until The First Step.

He has no name, but narrates the situation in the Illusionary World seen through Tomoya's dreams while referring to himself only as "Me." He had his body created by the Girl in the Illusionary World out of garbage so that he can be with her. The body is about half the girl's height. He can't talk as he has been created without a mouth, so he relies on body language to communicate with the girl. He can't feel warmth or cold either. This is Tomoya himself after his death. His soul traveled across dimensions and entered this fake body in order to be with the girl. He does not remember this but holds vague memories of another lively, warm world, which eventually leads him to convince the girl to leave the Illusionary World to look for a better place. He, however, is not human, and can't create things out of garbage.

His greatest wish is for the girl to be happy. For this purpose, they try to create another robot to keep them company, although they fail, and construct a playground. The girl then tried to create a flying machine, but winter comes and she is forced to stop. The robot tries to help, but can't make anything useful. They then set out together on a journey on foot trying to escape from the Illusionary World. When the girl is on the edge of death, she tells him to collect light orbs to create a miracle to save Nagisa, Ushio and himself from tragedy. Afterward, he and the girl revert to their original selves.