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Hidden World
Kakusareta Sekai
Clannad, Episode 12
Kotomi in her father's study, surrounded by newspaper clippings.
Kotomi in her father's study, surrounded by newspaper clippings.
Air date (Japan) 20 December 2007
Air date (US) 24 May 2009
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Hidden World (かくされた世界, Kakusareta Sekai?) is the twelfth episode of Clannad. The episode was first broadcast in Japan on 20 December 2007, and in the United States on 24 May 2009.


Kotomi returns the violin to Rie Nishina and the two become friends. Kotomi changes her usual routine and starts attending her classes. Due to Kyou's idea, she, Ryou, Kotomi, Nagisa, and Tomoya go out together as a group and have fun in town. While out, Fuko makes an appearance in, but no one remembers her. The next day, Nagisa runs up to Kyou thinking Ryou got in a bus accident, though when they rush to the scene, they find no one was hurt; however, Kotomi has an emotional episode and collapses while screaming out. Kotomi leaves early that day, but when Tomoya, Nagisa and the Fujibayashi twins go to see her later, there is no answer at her house. After they leave, Tomoya goes back and runs into the strange man from earlier; he finds out the man is an acquaintance of Kotomi's parents. Tomoya ends up going into Kotomi's house and finds her in a room with newspaper clippings on the wall reporting on the death of Kotomi's parents. Tomoya ends up remembering that he met Kotomi when he was a kid.



  • The angry motorist is the same one who accused Yusuke Yushino of dropping tools in The First Step.
  • Tomoya remembers meeting Kotomi as a kid