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Hikarizaka City

Hikarizaka in winter
Type City

Hikarizaka City (光坂市, Hikarizaka-shi?) is a fictional city in Japan where most of the events of Clannad occur. Although its name is never specifically mentioned during the whole series, we can see this because of the numerous establishments and companies which have this name, such as Hikarizaka Private High School or Hikarizaka Electricity, the company Tomoya works at.

The name Hikarizaka means 'hills of light'. As Tomoya notices early in the story, it was constructed on the top of an uneven area, and as a result, walking across the city means constantly climbing small hills such as the one students have to climb every morning.

The city used to be small, but time passed and it started increasing in size, making use of all the greenery around it to construct new buildings. Akio believes that this is the cause of Nagisa's illness, because of the tight bond she shares with the town. However, at the end of the story, thanks to the city's efforts, Nagisa is eventually revived, showing that the 'city' itself loves the people who live in it too.

Some important settings during the series include the Hikarizaka Private High School, the dorm, Tomoya's house, the Furukawa Bakery, Kotomi's house, the Okazaki family apartment, the Hikarizaka Electricity company, the Hikarizaka hospital and the shopping district.


  • Hikarizaka is based in the real-life city of Mizuho, Tokyo. Other various locations vary from Osaka to Tohoku.