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Hikarizaka Private High School Student Male Dormitory
Shiritsu Hikarizaka Koutougakkou Danshi Gakusei Ryou

The dormitory as seen in the anime
Type Dormitory
Main occupants Misae, Sunohara, members of the athletic clubs

The Hikarizaka Private High School Student Male Dormitory (私立光坂高等学校男子学生寮, Shiritsu Hikarizaka Koutougakkou Danshi Gakusei Ryou?) is a fictional male dormitory in Japan. The occupants of this dormitory are students from tenth to twelfth grade attending the Hikarizaka Private High School who have come to the city from other parts of Japan after being granted a sports scholarship. The parts of the dorm which are shown in the visual novel and anime are mainly Sunohara's room, Misae's room and the main entrance. Although Sunohara resigned from the soccer club, he is still residing in the dorm as a freeloader. Misae is the dorm caretaker.

Misae, most often encouraged by Tomoya, uses brusque and violent techniques to force the residents of the dorm to behave properly. Even the rugby club members, whom Sunohara is afraid of, fear her great strength and fearful temper. Due to the frequent fights, amongst the residents and with Misae herself, the dorm is a noisy and lively place. Tomoya spends most of his free time with Sunohara in his room reading magazines and listening to rap and hip-hop. Sunohara's room is always messy, with dirty clothes piling up around the corners, and we can only see his room clean when Mei is visiting him from the countryside.

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