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Illusionary World
Gensō Sekai

The girl and the garbage doll constructing a helicopter-like device as seen in En Route on the Sloped Road.
Type Parallel universe
Main occupants Girl, Garbage doll

The Illusionary World (幻想世界, Gensō Sekai?) is a place which is featured in many episodes of the anime. Although, seemingly having nothing to do with the rest of the story, we can see flashes of this world in which a mysterious girl and a doll made out of garbage live. It is described as being "a world where nothing can be born." Its aspect is that of a vast, dry prairie, with mountains on the horizon. At times, light orbs can be seen floating towards the sky. These are revealed to be the happy feelings of the people in the real world. Some animals resembling giant sheep also seem to inhabit this world. The girl and the doll live in a house with a table and little furniture.

Nevertheless, despite being on a completely separate level, it seems as if this place has a very strong connection to the real world since, as stated by the girl, even winter comes to such a world every year.

This world is later revealed to have been created by Ushio, who died regretting having left her father alone. She, therefore, became the girl in this world with the hopes of meeting her father again and collecting enough light orbs to make a miracle possible. However, she doesn't recall this until Small Palms, when she is destroyed along with the world she created.

In theory, the Illusionary World is the after-life; when a person dies they are still connected to the real world, yet they are free to create their own world.

It is hinted that the Hidden World Kotomi and her parents studied is, in fact, the Illusionary level, where orbs of happiness coming from joyous events in the real world appear in the Illusionary world. On the other hand, the good feelings of the girl appear in the real world as light orbs that appear when someone is truly happy.