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Kyou Fujibayashi
Fujibayashi Kyō

Fujibayashi kyo
Birthday 9 September 1985 (Virgo)
Height 160 cm (5' 3")
Weight 46 kg (101 lbs)
Blood type O
Occupation Kindergarten Teacher
Anime debut On the Hillside Path Where the Cherry Blossoms Flutter
Relatives Kappei Hiiragi
Ryou Fujibayashi
(younger twin sister)
Tomoya Okazaki
(boyfriend in an alternate timeline)
Japanese voice actor Ryō Hirohashi
English voice actor Shelley Calene-Black
References: [1][2]

Kyou Fujibayashi (藤林杏, Fujibayashi Kyō?) is a close friend of Tomoya Okazaki and the older twin sister of Ryou Fujibayashi whom Kyou is in the same year with.

Kyou has maintained a steady friendship with Tomoya despite being placed in different classes during their third year; remaining one of the few female students who doesn't mind talking to him. Kyou's theme is That's Like the Wind.


Kyou is an average girl with long, straight, violet hair that reaches her hips, and striking purple eyes. Two parts of her hair arch up, forming cat-shaped "hair arcs" that resemble the letter M, just like Ryou Fujibayashi. Like Ryou, Kyou wears a ribbon-like hairpiece, but hers is on the left lock of hair, while Ryou wears it to the right. Kyou and Ryou can be distinguished by their eyes:

  • Kyou has purple Tsurime eyes
  • Ryou has blue Tareme eyes

In her route, Kyou cuts her hair to make Ryou feel better.


Kyou is a bold, aggressive girl who can be foul-mouthed, but also decisive and reliable, which makes her stand out as an older-sibling-like role model to her underclassmen.

She is the kind of person one never gets bored with, as she always has something to talk about. Despite her usual high energy and expressiveness, she is too shy to make a move on Tomoya Okazaki.

Her Tsundere personality makes her more popular with girls than with guys, a fact she finds upsetting at times. The girls in school call her "Kyou-sama" (which translates to "Miss Kyou" or "Lady Kyou" in English), make banners about her, and occasionally follow her around, exalting her. She was her and Tomoya's class representative during their second year.

She also likes joking with people, even somewhat indecently at times. The older of the Fujibayashi twins and the embodiment of a responsible older sister, her unimaginable love for her sister Ryou also causes her to be highly protective of her.

She can be intimidating and violent at times, with a tendency to throw various books towards anyone she gets angry with, especially Tomoya or Sunohara.

When it comes to romance, Kyou is easily jealous or envious, especially around Tomoya, though towards Tomoyo moreso than Nagisa. They have somewhat of a tension and rivalry in strength.

Although Kyou takes her school responsibilities very seriously, she often violates the school rules herself. For instance, she continuously commutes to school on her scooter, despite motor vehicles not being allowed. She also lets her pet boar, Botan, roam freely around the school grounds.

Nevertheless, Kyou does well in school and is one of the most athletic girls. She is a prominent athlete on various sports teams and enjoys being active.

Unlike Ryou, Kyou is an excellent cook, with her best course being pork cutlet.

Clannad (visual novel)[]

Kyou's Route[]

The Fujibayashi Twins' route begins with Tomoya gradually growing closer to both Ryou and Kyou. During the shared part of their route, he learns about the particular qualities of Ryou's fortunes (specifically, that their results are always the exact opposite of what is going to happen), the fact that Kyou is a heavy sleeper, and gets hit by Kyou's bike multiple times. Tomoya also learns that Kyou is very popular among underclassman girls and comes to understand the reason for this: Kyou's outward confidence and protectiveness set up an image of her as that of an older sister to the younger students.

While this is happening, Kyou is thinking of how to pair Ryou up with Tomoya. It is unknown when exactly Ryou fell in love with Tomoya. It's implied that Kyou and Ryou fell for him at the same time and that it most likely happened during their first year. Both Kyou and Ryou knew about each other's feelings for Tomoya, but Kyou decided to sacrifice her feelings for Ryou's sake as soon as Ryou asked for her help. Kyou approaches Tomoya and uses his sense of pride to lure him into going to the courtyard to have lunch with Ryou, then to go home with her and, finally, to go to the courtyard and "return her feelings". The plan she developed is so perfect (at least, in Kyou's opinion) that she doesn't even bother hiding it from Tomoya. All this time Ryou is convinced that Tomoya shows her attention of his own volition. Yet when Tomoya agrees to start dating Ryou, he does so after rethinking it for himself and actually considering it worth trying.

Kyou completely devotes herself to making both Ryou and Tomoya happy together. Knowing Tomoya and his tastes, Kyou tries to make Ryou bolder and more confident while teaching Tomoya how to be a good boyfriend. Being a heavy sleeper, she goes to the trouble of waking up at 5 o'clock in the morning to make lunches for them all. She even guides them on their first date, during which Tomoya notices that he really wouldn't know what to do if Kyou wasn't there. Kyou sets up a situation in which Ryou would express her tastes about gemstones so Tomoya could buy her a gift, but ends up falling into her own trap as well, naming her own favorite gemstone simultaneously with Ryou. She then makes sure Tomoya remembers what exactly Ryou does like. Later on, she runs in to buy a deck of tarot cards as Tomoya's gift for Ryou for their next date. Two days later, Tomoya tries Ryou's cooking for the first time. He finds out that when she said she's a terrible cook, she meant it.

Before the long three-day holiday, Tomoya and Ryou make an agreement about a date on the third day since Ryou has to go on a profession-related trip to another town. Tomoya comes to understand how happy can he by just knowing someone needs him just because it's him. During the holiday, Tomoya and Kyou go to a forest to walk Botan. There, Kyou tells Tomoya her story about how she found the baby boar trembling in the cold rain, and felt too sorry for it to just leave it there. Tomoya is moved by her story, learning how kind Kyou actually is. He then agrees to Kyou's idea of a kiss practice, Kyou claiming it was just so Tomoya wouldn't fail when doing so for real with Ryou. Already starting to harbor feelings for Kyou, he awaits the actual kiss, but Kyou stops his face a millimeter away from hers, anticlimactically realizing the situation.

Tomoya decides to buy Ryou a gift and looks for something with her favorite gemstone. However, having already fallen for Kyou (but not yet realizing it), he can't correctly remember what Ryou wanted, and accidentally buys a pendant with Kyou's favorite gem instead. At the day of the date with Ryou, Tomoya is lucky enough to accidentally leave the pendant at home. After receiving the results of a fortune machine, Tomoya and Ryou kiss for the first time.

Someone sees Tomoya and Kyou almost kissing in the forest, upon which rumors start to spread throughout the school. Kyou reflexively avoids Tomoya and attempts to reject everything about them dating; hoping that the rumours will subside and won't disturb Ryou. Kyou reasons that at the very least, she will be able to stay close to Tomoya, even if just as a friend. To further stop the rumors, Kyou even goes so far as attempting to kiss Sunohara, which Tomoya sees from a distance. Just as Tomoya is about to intervene, Sunohara stops Kyou, and points out that Kyou isn't that confident in her feelings, and that she actually loves Tomoya; which she again denies.

The next day, Kyou tells Tomoya that she doesn't see him in any special light. She then says that she decided not to date Sunohara as she doesn't actually have genuine feelings for him, and that she was trying to spare him.

Kyou gradually returns to her regular self (at least, she seems so) while Ryou becomes bolder, practices cooking and so on; in other words, she tries to become as much like Kyou as possible for Tomoya. This leads Tomoya to self-hatred since his inertness to his feelings led him into to a terrible situation: he knows how much Kyou is hurt seeing him with Ryou, but he doesn't want to hurt Ryou by breaking up with her since it's obvious how much Ryou loves him. The fact that Kyou would also be upset with him only furthers his doubt. At this point, he still hopes that doing nothing will somehow lead him out of this.

On Tomoya and Ryou's next date, he jokingly offers her to go "where no one will see them" and do corresponding things. Despite Ryou being taken by complete surprise, she accepts Tomoya's offer. He tells her he's serious about her, that he means her no harm, and that he doesn't want to rush things. Tomoya notices he cannot clearly tell Ryou that he loves her.

A few days later, Tomoya finds out that Kyou left school early. He sees Botan through the window and deduces that Kyou is still somewhere on the school ground. Tomoya ignores the lesson taking place and goes to find Kyou instead. Kyou tries to avoid and escape, but she ends up in his embrace. Kyou tells Tomoya that both she and Ryou loved him, but Kyou was afraid to be rejected or to hurt Ryou's feelings if she was accepted, that's why she concealed her own feelings for so long. She secretly wished Ryou to fail with Tomoya, but still did everything so that Ryou would succeed. Tomoya tries to tell Kyou about his feelings for her that he's come to realize over time, but Kyou cuts him off before he can and says that he has to care for Ryou only.

Ryou reads Tomoya's fortune with tarot cards and it turns out to be deadly accurate: as if she were actually reading Tomoya's past, present and future; his thoughts and feelings. She already knew who did Tomoya love in fact (and that this is why she started to behave like Kyou of her own volition), so she covered those grim results up with a happy smile and a phrase "Everything will be OK for us". The next day, Sunohara clearly states to Tomoya that he won't be able to get out of the situation without his choice hurting one of the two sisters. The only choice given to Tomoya is who will he hurt. Tomoya privately asks Kyou about what will she do if he breaks up with Ryou. Kyou says she doesn't want Tomoya for herself if it makes Ryou cry.

It takes Tomoya a day to find the resolve to voice his decision. At first, he tries to tell Ryou they're breaking up, but fails; all he could do was reject her kiss; and that was enough to make Ryou run away in tears. Later on, a rugby club member comes to Sunohara's room and tells Tomoya that "the younger" of the twins was looking for him. Tomoya, worried, rushes to the school to look for Ryou. He finally finds her at sunset, sitting alone in a classroom; recognizing her by her short hair.

Tomoya, regretfully, confesses his true feelings: that he truly loves Kyou, and not her. The girl surprises Tomoya by turning out to be Kyou, her hair revealed cut short. Kyou tells him that it's Ryou who told her not to give up and fight for her happiness until the very end. Tomoya finally gives Kyou the pendant he thought he bought for Ryou. Kyou and Tomoya then kiss again.

After some time, Tomoya also meets Ryou in order to say sorry for everything he blamed himself for. Ryou asks him not to apologize because in that case, she would forgive him and that'll make her believe that all the happy memories they made are but a lie. Tomoya comes to understand that despite everything, it was time when they were happy, so there is a reason to be friends again.

Later, in the fall, Kyou tells Tomoya that she only cut her hair so she could hear for herself what he was going to say to Ryou. She also tells that Ryou has found a boyfriend (presumably Kappei). Kyou remembers what Tomoya said a few months before about his favorite hair length and promises him to grow her hair out again so he'd love her even more.

Clannad (anime adaptation)[]

Kyou is overprotective of her younger sister, Ryou, throughout the entire series, as first seen when she shoots a book at Tomoya thinking that he was bullying Ryou. She has known of her little sister's crush on Tomoya since junior year. She tries her best to get them together and separate Tomoya from any other romantic interests (like Kotomi and Nagisa), even though she is also their friend and means them no harm. She helps Kotomi during her arc and nonetheless supports her and Nagisa, while acting as a rival to Tomoyo. However, while working so that Ryou and Tomoya can become a couple, Kyou also falls in love with Tomoya; as seen in season one during the tennis game, Kyou's reaction as she sees Tomoya and Nagisa together and attempts to get in between them, but Ryou stops her and tells her not to do anything until the game is over. After Nagisa had been hit by a foul tennis ball, Tomoya helped her to the nurse's office, walking past Kyou in the process. She looked at Ryou and tried to tell her that she was sorry, and that she couldn't get Tomoya to fall in love with her, but Ryou stopped her and said, "Onee-chan...I'm so sorry..." Kyou then looked at her in shock and said, "Wh-What are you t-ta--" Kyou then stopped as she noticed tears welling up in her eyes. She tries to hold back the tears but cannot bring herself to. The two sisters hug and cry as they finally realize that Tomoya is already in love with Nagisa and he is beyond their reach.

Both Kyou and Ryou eventually moved on from Tomoya. She also becomes a member of the Drama Club during the events of Clannad, although she only signs up so the minimum number of members will be reached.

~After Story~[]

Kyou appears as a supporting character during most of Clannad ~After Story~. She plays in the baseball match at the beginning of the season and attends Nagisa's mock graduation ceremony later on. She is also seen visiting Nagisa during her pregnancy. Later in ~After Story~, Kyou works as a kindergarten teacher, and coincidentally is also Ushio's teacher. According to Tomoya, her personality is still the same, even after the reunion, but Ushio says that Kyou is a good teacher. She misses Nagisa and is often reminded of her each time she sees Ushio.


  • "Don't you think it's a shame to give up on something you've started, no matter what it is? It kind of feels like you lost to yourself, no?" – visual novel, common route, April 21st
  • "Urgh! Geez! That's right, I tailed you two! What? Is that bad? What's wrong with worrying about my precious sister?" – visual novel, Fujibayashi twins' route, April 26th
  • "You know, it's really a bother to be confessed to by a girl. It's not that easy to refuse them without hurting them." – visual novel, Fujibayashi twins' route, April 26th


  • Kyou resembles Kagami Hiiragi from Lucky Star:
    • Both have very similar personalities; intelligent, mean and violent.
    • Both are tomboys with long purple hair.
    • Both are tsunderes.
    • Both have a girly twin sister with shorter hair than them.
  • Apart from that, Kyou resembles Yuiko Kurugaya from Key's next title after Clannad, Little Busters!. The resemblance lies in similar hairpieces in the left lock of hair, intellectual abilities (both characters have excellent intuition), the ability to violate the laws of physics and the character: both of the girls are easy interlocutors, both are seen as older sisters to surrounding people, both like jokes(and indecent ones as well), are fond of things they consider cute, like to do stuff they consider funny, both get fearsomely insane when someone makes them mad(yet Kurugaya gets mad way harder and recovers to her normal self faster) and they both show incredible amount of love towards those who are close to them. As if to top their similarity off, there is something like an easter egg between Clannad and LB!(yet it may be just a coincidence): in both VNs both heroines are first met by the protagonist on the same day of month (Kyou's first scene in Clannad takes place on 16th of April while Yuiko's first scene in LB! takes place on 16th of May).
  • Kyou's profession as a kindergarten teacher in After Story is a reference to her voice actress, Ryo Hirohashi, who is also a licensed high school and middle school teacher in real life.



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