Mei Sunohara
Sunohara Mei

Sunohara mei.png
Birthday 11 June 1989 (Gemini)
Height 152 cm (5' 0")
Weight 42 kg (93 lbs)
Blood type A
Anime debut Stuck Problem
Relatives Youhei Sunohara (brother)
Japanese voice actor Yukari Tamura
English voice actor Serena Varghese
References: [1]

Mei Sunohara (春原芽衣, Sunohara Mei?) is the younger sister of Youhei Sunohara who loves him as a brother and lives in the countryside. She is a fan of Yūsuke Yoshino, an older male graduate from Tomoya Okazaki’s school, who was a member of a band.


Mei is a short girl, though she is taller than the very small Fuko. She has black hair that is tied into pigtails with thin, yellow ribbons, and has amber eyes.

Mei has bangs and hair covering her ears.


After hearing for the first time about her, Tomoya pictures her as a female Youhei. However, Mei's personality is a direct opposite of that of her brother. She can be very nosy about things, like trying to further Tomoya's relationship with Nagisa by becoming their cupid angel or learning about Youhei's current situation. Despite her claims, she loves her brother a lot.

Although Youhei tries to avoid Mei, he still cares for her, as seen when he stands up for her when she gets bullied by the Soccer Club in With the Same Smile as That Day. Mei is a smart girl who likes learning new things, and she deeply cares for her brother and often worries about him.




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