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Okazaki family apartment
Okazaki kazoku no apāto

Building where the apartment is located as seen from the outside
Type Residential
Main occupants Tomoya, Nagisa, Ushio

The Okazaki family apartment (岡崎家族のアパート, Okazaki kazoku no apāto?) appears for the first time in Season of Beginnings. It is the apartment where Tomoya moves to after deciding to become truly independent. He discovered it thanks to Ryou, a friend of whom was renting it cheaply. Nagisa visits him frequently, preparing him meals and spending time with him. After getting married, she eventually moves in with him. Her dango plush dolls can be seen piled up at various places in the house.

Due to the streets being covered by snow, in White Darkness Nagisa goes into labor in the apartment and can't get to the hospital in time. She dies here shortly after giving birth to Ushio. After giving Ushio to Sanae and Akio, Tomoya continues to live in this apartment, staying inside for long periods of time when he's not working due to his depression after losing Nagisa. After making up with Ushio and vowing to become a good parent, she agrees to move in with him and their life together as a family starts. Later on, Ushio shares the same fate as her mother, as she too becomes ill, Tomoya cares for her in this apartment.

After Nagisa and Ushio are revived, they are shown happily living together with Tomoya here.


IMG 2116

The basis for the Okazaki family apartment in Suita, Osaka.

  • The apartment was based on a real-life apartment located in Suita, Osaka and was destroyed on May 2007.