Anime debut 3 on 3
Japanese voice actor Keiichiro Yamamoto
English voice actor Rob Mungle

Oogami is a teacher at Hikarizaka Private High School as well as the advisor for the school's basketball team.


Oogami has a short crop of black hair and brown eyes.


In 3 on 3, Oogami is mentioned by Tomoya Okazaki before the start of the basketball match with the basketball team. He asks the basketball team's captain if Oogami will be okay with them having this match, and he replies saying that it's worth it if they get to play with Tomoyo. After the match, Oogami enters the gymnasium, angered.

Oogami makes another appearance in A Room Without Anyone. He interrupts a brawl consisting of Tomoya Okazaki, Tomoyo Sakagami and Youhei Sunohara fighting a gang. He demands to know who caused the fight and Tomoya takes responsibility.

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