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Rie Nishina
Nishina Rie

Height 157 cm (5' 2")
Occupation Violinist (former), waitress
Anime debut The Girl Genius' Challenge
Japanese voice actor Chisako Tatsumi (game)
Mai Aizawa (drama CD, anime)
English voice actor Rozie Curtis

Rie Nishina (仁科りえ, Nishina Rie?) is a minor character of Clannad. She is a second-year student at Hikarizaka Private High School who once played the violin when she was young, and won numerous competitions. She had a lot of talent and was supposed to go to study abroad, but she was involved in an accident. As a result, the strength of her grip became weak and she was not capable of playing the violin as well as she had formerly been able to. Her plans to leave Japan were terminated, and she entered a phase of depression, having lost her main goal in life. However, when she entered high school, Toshio Koumura taught her about the chorus, and she found that she could sing very well. Thus, having found a new purpose to live on, she chose to assemble a chorus club with her friends. Her best friend is her fellow club member, Sugisaka.


Rie is a beautiful young girl with indigo blue hair and eyes.

She wears the school uniform.


We first see Rie when she lends Kotomi Ichinose a violin for her to practice with it. Later, while the members of the Drama Club go to Toshio Koumura to ask him to become their advisor, he tells them that he had already been asked by Rie to be the advisor of the chorus club. Rie decides to give Koumura to them, but her friend Sugisaka sends a threatening letter to Nagisa Furukawa and tells the Drama Club about Rie's situation. Despite Mei Sunohara's fury, Nagisa decides to give up on Koumura. However, after Yukine Miyazawa reads his fortune, Youhei Sunohara comes up with the idea of challenging the Basketball Team to a match so the Choir Club will be moved and will agree to give them Koumura. After they win the match, Rie and her friends decide to share Koumura, something which Tomoyo Sakagami agrees to once she becomes student council president.

~After Story~[]

Rie is in the same grade as Nagisa Furukawa when she is forced to repeat her third year again and is one of the few friends she has. She does not join the Drama Club because she is too busy with the Choir Club but still talks to Nagisa at school. She attends her fake graduation ceremony and starts working at a family restaurant with Sugisaka while also studying to enter a music school. She eventually gets Nagisa to work at Ernesto Host as with her. She is last seen living with Sugisaka in an apartment.


  • Rie's surname Nishina means "compassionate" (仁) (ni) and "department" (科) (shina).