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Roaring Tide
Album Clannad Original Soundtrack
Artist Shinji Orito
Released 13 August 2004
Length 2:37 / 4:15
Label Key Sounds Label
Music by Shinji Orito
Arrangement by Shinji Orito

Roaring Tide and Roaring Tide II (潮鳴り, Shionari?) are the second and third tracks of the second disc of the Clannad Original Soundtrack album. Both songs were composed and arranged by Shinji Orito, and were released on 13 August 2004.

The song was used as a base for the second track in the Sorarado album. It is called Roaring Ocean and is sung by Riya. However, it is not used in the anime or in the visual novel.


  • Roaring Tide was covered in metal style as the seventh track of the album Keeper of the Metal Key Part II by the dōjin metal band South of Heaven.