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Rugby Club

Anime debut On the Hillside Path Where the Cherry Blossoms Flutter
Japanese voice actors See below
English voice actors See below

The Rugby Club (ラグビー部, Ragubī-bu?) consists of a group of young males from ages 16 to 18 from Hikarizaka Private High School. Most of them live in the Hikarizaka Private High School Student Male Dormitory, having come from other parts of the country thanks to a sports scholarship.


The Rugby Club is most often used as a comic gag throughout the series. Sunohara's room is surrounded by the rugby club members', who often use physical violence on him for various reasons, such as listening to music too loudly. All the members will apply the corresponding punishment to Sunohara. Sunohara fears them, and avoids doing things which might make them angry. The rugby club members are, in turn, afraid of Misae, who uses brute techniques on them in order to get them to follow the dorm's rules. She is often advised by Tomoya on which new moves she should use, and she often tries them on Sunohara. The rugby club members don't like Tomoya for this reason.

The Rugby Club makes no notable appearances during the ~After Story~ section.

Voice actors[]

Many voice actors are used in the anime to voice the various members of the club. Here is a short list[1]:

  • Tomoaki Sengoku
  • Shun Sumori
  • Kōichi Sōma
  • Kazuki Ogawa
  • Keisuke Fujii
  • Hironari Kumada
  • Masato Funaki

In English:

  • Brandon Hearnsberger
  • Fred Walters Jr.
  • John Novak