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Season of Beginnings
Hajimari no Kisetsu
Clannad ~After Story~, Episode 10
Tomoya's first day of his job.
Tomoya's first day of his job.
Air date (Japan) 5 December 2008
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Season of Beginnings (始まりの季節, Hajimari no Kisetsu?) is the tenth episode of Clannad ~After Story~. The episode was first broadcast in Japan on 5 December 2008.


Shortly after his graduation, Tomoya decides to be more independent, and works toward this goal by first taking up a job at Furukawa Bakery. Meanwhile, Nagisa has begun her new school year, although she makes few friends and her attempt to reestablish the theater club ends in failure. Tomoya eventually moves out of Nagisa's home to a small apartment of his own, while taking up a job as an electrician with Yusuke Yoshino. After his first day of work, Tomoya returns to his home completely exhausted, barely able to stay awake during his dinner with Nagisa.

Major events[]

  • Tomoya gets his own apartment.
  • Nagisa begins her third year as a senior.



  • This is the first time since his introduction in the series that Yusuke's profession is referenced.
  • The track team's advisor was mentioned in this episode. His name is Minoshima.