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Shino Okazaki
Okazaki Shino

Occupation Retired
Anime debut The Ends of the Earth
Relatives Naoyuki Okazaki (son)
Yui Okazaki (daughter)
Atsuko Okazaki (daughter-in-law) (deceased)
Tomoya Okazaki (grandson)
Ushio Okazaki (great granddaughter)
Japanese voice actor Miyoko Asō
English voice actor Stephanie Wittels

Shino Okazaki (岡崎史乃, Okazaki Shino?) is the grandmother of Tomoya Okazaki and Naoyuki Okazaki's mother. She only appears in the After Story arc of the anime and visual novel. Although she is Tomoya's grandmother, he doesn't remember her since the last time he saw her was when he was five years old, twelve years prior to Tomoya's meeting with Nagisa.

~After Story~[]

Tomoya meets her at the edge of a cape while Ushio is looking for her lost robot in the flower field. After revealing that this meeting had been planned by Sanae, she explains to Tomoya the hardships that Naoyuki had to go through after Atsuko died to raise Tomoya. Tomoya, now in the same situation, can finally understand his father and realize how many sacrifices he made to make him grow up properly. After listening to the story, which is the same situation that he and Ushio are going through, he decides to forgive his father and mend his relationship with Ushio, vowing to become a good parent for her sake.

Shino wants Naoyuki to go back to his hometown and live with her, something to which he agrees since he doesn't need to make any efforts anymore now that Tomoya is an adult. Although she and Sanae arranged the meeting, it is not known how they met.

Five years after Tomoya uses the light orbs to save Nagisa and Ushio, the three of them are seen visiting Shino for the first time (if not again).


  • The name Shino means "history" (史) (shi) and "from" (乃) (no).
  • Shino's surname Okazaki means "ridge, hill" (岡) (oka) and "cape, peninsula" (崎) (saki/zaki).