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Student Council

The Student Council in session.

The Student Council (生徒会, Seitokai?) are formally the main antagonists of the Clannad anime. They govern the student body of Hikarizaka Private High School. Members of the council are elected by the school's students. Many things related to student activities, such as club recruitment, require council recognition and approval. In the beginning of Clannad, the council prohibits Nagisa from recruiting members for the Drama Club by putting up posters, noting that since the club was officially closed (as it did not have enough members to qualify as a club), it should not be conducting any activities. When the Drama Club finally gained enough members and agreed to share Koumura as their club advisor with the Choir Club, the council rejected their proposal to share advisors, saying that there was no precedent where two clubs shared one advisor. In A Room Without Anyone, Yukine notes that the student council was comprised of very diligent people, but they were too bound by rules. After Tomoyo is elected as Student Council President in Counter Measures, the council finally unanimously agrees to allow both the Drama and Choir Clubs to share Koumura as their advisor, and permits them to become active.

Known Members[]

  • Tomoyo Sakagami (President; former)
  • Yuji Suehara (Vice President; former)


  • Misae Sagara was the first female president of the Student Council.