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Sudden Events
Totsuzen no Dekigoto
Clannad ~After Story~, Episode 12
Yusuke during his time as a singer.
Yusuke during his time as a singer.
Air date (Japan) 19 December 2008
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Sudden Events (突然の出来事, Totsuzen no Dekigoto?) is the twelfth episode of Clannad ~After Story~. It was first broadcast in Japan on 19 December 2008.


Yusuke tells Tomoya a little about his past and how he met Kouko in high school. After graduating, Yūsuke went on to become a successful singer-songwriter, but ultimately it all came crashing down and he started taking drugs. When he came back to the city and saw Kouko again for the first time in years, he regretted not continuing to sing for her sake. Tomoya is offered a new position as a manager in a new electrician firm, but the deal falls through when his father is arrested. Tomoya is enraged that his father is still managing to mess up his life. Tomoya finally proposes to Nagisa, and she accepts.

Major events[]

  • Yusuke reveals his former career in music.
  • Naoyuki is arrested.
  • Tomoya proposes to Nagisa, Nagisa accepts.