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Clannad ~After Story~, Episode 17
Ushio and Tomoya eating lunch together.
Ushio and Tomoya eating lunch together.
Air date (Japan) 5 February 2009
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The Ends of the Earth
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For the song, see Summertime (song).

Summertime (夏時間, Natsujikan?) is the seventeenth episode of Clannad ~After Story~. It was first broadcast in Japan on 5 February 2009.


Five years after Tomoya left Ushio with Sanae and Akio, he spends his days at work and spending money on smoking and drinking. Sanae and Tomoya go out together into town, and she asks him to go with her and Akio on a family trip; after Sanae continues to ask him, he accepts. The day of the trip, he discovers that both Sanae and Akio have left him and Ushio alone together. The two spend the next day and night together, and when Sanae and Akio still do not show up, Tomoya asks Ushio if she would be willing to still go on a trip, even if it was only with a person like him. The two decide to take the trip by themselves and, as they walk, Tomoya wonders where they are headed.

Major events[]

  • The story jumps to five years after Nagisa's death; Tomoya's life after that is revealed.
  • Sanae meets up with Tomoya and convinces him to take a trip with them. Tomoya reluctantly agrees.
  • Tomoya goes to the bakery a day before the trip. He finds it empty except for his five-year-old daughter Ushio.
  • Tomoya ignores Ushio at first, but then begins to interact with her.
  • When Akio and Sanae never show up, Tomoya and Ushio decide to go on the trip by themselves.