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Anime debut Search for Fake Love
Japanese voice actor Yamamoto Keiichiro
English voice actor Mark Laskowski

Tajima is a gang member in the Clannad series.

~After Story~[]

Tajima makes his first appearance in Search for Fake Love. Yukine Miyazawa is allowing him to hide out in the resource room. When Youhei Sunohara goes to ask Yukine to be his pretend girlfriend, Tajima grabs Sunohara and threatens him regarding Yukine. He then leaves out the window.

He later appears in his gang's hideout when Tomoya Okazaki and the others bring Yu to see his sister.

In Valiant Fight, Tajima is seen being tended to by Yu's sister. The members are rallying to attack their rival gang. Tajima is present when Yukine explains the deal she made with their rival gang's leader, Sasaki. He attempts to attend the battle proposed by Sasaki but passes out after eating Sanae Furukawa's bread.

The next day, everyone who was present in the fight is gathered at Kazuto's tombstone while Yukine tearingly talks about her relationship with her brother and how he died. Sasaki is repentant of his actions and to show respect, he prays at Kazuto's grave. Both gangs then follow his example. Seeing everybody praying for her brother, Yukine is finally relieved of her grief.

Tajima makes a cameo appearance in episode 16 of ~After Story~ in the photo on the Christmas card sent to the Okazaki residence.