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Takafumi Sakagami
Sakagami Takafumi

Takafumi Sakagami
Height 163 cm (5' 4")
Anime debut Counter Measures
Relatives Tomoyo Sakagami (elder sister)
Tomo Mishima (paternal younger half-sister)
Japanese voice actor Ayumi Fujimura (Drama CD)
Keiko Suzuki (Tomoyo After)

Takafumi Sakagami (坂上鷹文, Sakagami Takafumi?) is the younger brother of Tomoyo. In Counter Measures, Tomoyo reveals that he is the one who "woke" her up during her time as a delinquent. He is also the reason why Tomoyo wants to save the cherry blossom trees in front of Hikarizaka Private High School. He is described by Tomoyo as a "quiet, moderate and kind guy".

Takafumi's parents once planned on getting divorced and fought over who would have custody over their children. At that time, Tomoyo didn't care how it ended, but Takafumi didn't want to go with either parent. He ran away and threatened to jump into running water if his parents were getting divorced. He went through with his threat, even though he didn't really want to die, nor did he understand the rationale behind it. Nevertheless, his jump united the Sakagamis into a family. He nearly died during the ordeal but was eventually discharged from the hospital when spring came. After being discharged, the entire Sakagami family walked down the road with cherry blossom trees planted on either side of it. Takafumi was in a wheelchair, while Tomoyo pushed it forward. While walking, he says, "I want to come and see these cherry blossom trees every year with everyone, as a family." Tomoyo and her family felt the same way.

At the end of Tomoyo's arc, Takafumi starts attending Hikarizaka Private High School as a freshman while his sister is already in third grade. Both of them can be seen making their way into school under the cherry blossoms.

Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~[]

Takafumi plays a main role in the Tomoyo After visual novel. It is revealed that he used to be a very skilled runner, a skill which he lost when he risked his life in order to prevent his parents from divorcing. Although in the anime he did this by jumping into a river, in the novel he threw himself in front of a car. Since then, he became lazy, and over time he developed a great skill at managing computers. He loves to play games. His ex-girlfriend, Kanako, is the daughter of his ex-coach, and she ends up living at Tomoya's apartment.