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The Events of Summer Holidays
Natsuyasumi no Dekigoto
Clannad, Extra Episode
Tomoya and Nagisa holding hands for the first time.
Tomoya and Nagisa holding hands for the first time.
Air date (Japan) 27 March 2008
Air date (US) 9 August 2009
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The Events of Summer Holidays (夏休みの出来事, Natsuyasumi no Dekigoto?) is the twenty-third and extra episode of Clannad. Like The Event from One Year Before, it is an extra episode. The episode was first broadcast in Japan on 27 March 2008, and in the United States on 9 August 2009.


It is now during summer vacation, but despite now having been going out for weeks, both Tomoya and Nagisa are still very nervous about it and have not done much to progress their relationship which comes as a shock to their friends. Mei comes back for another visit and after learning of Tomoya's and Nagisa's current stagnant relationship, decides to be their personal cupid of love in order to advance things along. Mei thinks up a whole plan which Nagisa attempts to follow despite it being very embarrassing for her at times. After Tomoya calls Mei out, she runs away, though Nagisa stops Tomoya from chasing after her. With some time left in the day, Tomoya and Nagisa take a walk together.

Major events[]

  • Mei returns for another stay at the Furukawas' house, explaining her appearance during The Goodbye at the End of Summer and the episodes following.
  • Nagisa and Tomoya hold hands for the first time.