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The First Step
Saisho no Ippo
Clannad, Episode 2
Nagisa showing her Dango Daikazoku-themed recruitment poster.
Nagisa showing her Dango Daikazoku-themed recruitment poster.
Air date (Japan) 11 October 2007
Air date (US) 12 March 2009
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Once Again After Crying
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The First Step (最初の一歩, Saisho no Ippo?) is the second episode of Clannad. The episode was first broadcast in Japan on 11 October 2007, and in the United States on 12 March 2009.


Nagisa admits to wanting to restart the drama club, and Tomoya helps Nagisa to create advertisement posters. Here it is revealed that Nagisa is obsessed with the Great Dango Family, which she incongruously decorates the recruitment posters with. Nagisa also reveals her strange tendency to shout out her favorite foods to encourage herself, and Tomoya promises to bring her dango after putting up the posters. They place the posters around the school, and it is revealed through a short dialogue that Tomoya used to hate clubs and people who were in them. Nagisa, who overhears this, is reassured by Tomoya that it was meaningless.

At school that day, Tomoya meets two other girls: a strange genius named Kotomi Ichinose in the school library who acts strangely kind towards him, and a first-year student named Fuko Ibuki carving a sculpture of what looks like a star in an empty classroom. Later that day, Nagisa finds out Tomoya used to play basketball after Tomaya explains his coversation with Sunohara from earlier, and invites him to play a game the next day after school. Sunohara and Tomoya decide to skip school that day because it is a half day and it is raining, but Tomoya is worried that Nagisa is still waiting outside for him. Deciding to go and check, he's proven right when he finds Nagisa standing in the basketball court in the rain. After scolding her for waiting where there wasn't any proof, he warms up to her and decides to stay and play with her. However, it is revealed that Tomoya's father, Naoyuki Okazaki, dislocated Tomoya's shoulder in a fight; as a result, he is unable to play basketball anymore. Nagisa feels that she is always a burden to Tomoya and she suddenly collapses, unconscious.

Major events[]

  • Tomoya meets Kotomi (again).
  • Tomoya meets Fuko.
  • Tomoya and Nagisa begin work on the Theatre Club.
  • Tomoya's disabilities are introduced.


Note: Characters denoted with an asterisk (*) debut in this episode.