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The Girl Genius' Challenge
Tensai Shōjo no Chōsen
Clannad, Episode 10
Scene from The Girl Genius' Challenge
Air date (Japan) 6 December 2007
Air date (US) 10 May 2009
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The Girl Genius' Challenge (天才少女の挑戦, Tensai Shōjo no Chōsen?) is the tenth episode of Clannad. The episode was first broadcast in Japan on 6 December 2007, and in the United States on 10 May 2009.


Since no new members have joined the drama club, Tomoya goes to talk with Kotomi once again about joining. Tomoya takes her around school and helps her introduce herself to people to make more friends. Tomoya takes Kyou, Ryou, and Kotomi to the drama club room after school, and after a round of introductions, Tomoya asks them to join the club. Kyou initially passes on the chance, but ends up giving in after her sister says she wants to join, and Kotomi joins as well. During the meeting, Kotomi leaves when she hears someone playing the violin, though when she is given the chance to play it, she is painfully horrible.

Major events[]

  • Kyou, Ryou and Kotomi join the Drama Club.