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The Goodbye at the End of Summer
Natsu no Owari no Sayonara
Clannad ~After Story~, Episode 1
Scene from The Goodbye at the End of Summer
Air date (Japan) 3 October 2008
Air date (US) 2011
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The Goodbye at the End of Summer (夏の終わりのサヨナラ, Natsu no Owari no Sayonara?) is the first episode of Clannad ~After Story~. The episode was first broadcast in Japan on 3 October 2008.


Summer vacation is now over and the second semester has started at Tomoya's school. Nagisa's father Akio asks Tomoya to form a baseball team for a local game against the neighboring shopping district team. Akio explains that they are their rivals and have recently recruited a national baseballer. He also says that their shopping district is depressed because of this and must they must win this match to help boost morale. Tomoya is able to recruit Kyou and Kotomi from the drama club, Youhei and his younger sister Mei, Tomoyo, Misae, and Yusuke. Nagisa proposes that Tomoya should go and visit Naoyuki, but Tomoya becomes tense and they let the subject drop.

The day of the match, Tomoya's team manages to get an early lead, but Akio's leg gets injured by a flying bat, and Nagisa fills in for her father as the pitcher. The other team catches up near the end, and it comes down to the final inning when Tomoya scores an RBI, winning the game. As he hits the ball, the garbage doll sees a light orb raising in a similar fashion.

The players and the people who cheered them on can be seen celebrating at the Furukawa Bakery afterwards.

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  • This is the only episode in the entire series where all major cast members make an appearance.
  • This is the second time in the series Tomoya, Youhei, and Kyou play together on a team, the first being in 3 on 3.