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The Scenery With a Carving
Chōkoku no Aru Fūkei
Clannad, Episode 5
Scene from The Scenery With a Carving
Air date (Japan) 1 November 2007
Air date (US) 5 April 2009
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The Scenery With a Carving (彫刻のある風景, Chōkoku no Aru Fūkei?) is the fifth episode of Clannad. The episode was first broadcast in Japan on 1 November 2007, and in the United States on 5 April 2009.


In order to help Fuko out, Tomoya and Nagisa take her to stay at Nagisa's house for the time being. Nagisa's family helps with carving more starfish out of wood, and at school, Tomoya and Nagisa help with passing them out to students. Later, Fuko talks about how she has wanted to attend classes but has never been able to. Tomoya makes arrangements with Youhei, Kyou, and Ryou to act as classmates in Fuko's very first high school class, and even Sanae comes to act as the teacher.

Major events[]

  • Fuko moves into the Furukawa's home temporarily.


Note: Characters denoted with an asterisk (*) debut in this episode.