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The Season You Were There
Kimi no Ita Kisetsu
Clannad ~After Story~, Episode 5
Shima and Misae
Shima and Misae
Air date (Japan) 31 October 2008
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With the Same Smile as That Day
Forever By Your Side
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The Season You Were There (君のいた季節, Kimi no Ita Kisetsu?) is the fifth episode of Clannad ~After Story~. The episode was first broadcast in Japan on 31 October 2008.


Tomoya and Nagisa visit Youhei, and spend some time talking with Misae and Tomoyo who comes over after them. Later, when Tomoya and Nagisa are talking with Misae privately, Tomoya starts falling asleep. It is shown how when Misae was a first-year in high school, she met a strange boy named Shima Katsuki who says he can grant her one wish in return for her cheering him up years before when he was in the hospital. Misae has a boy she likes named Igarashi, but who, unknown to her, already has a girlfriend. Igarashi asks Shima to tell her this, but he cannot tell her directly and starts crying. Misae sees Igarashi with his girlfriend, and realizes the truth; she runs away, leaving Shima behind.

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Note: Characters denoted with an asterisk (*) debut in this episode.