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To the Same Heights
Onaji Takami e
Album Clannad Original Soundtrack
Artist Jun Maeda
Released 13 August 2004
Length 1:59
Label Key Sounds Label
Music by Jun Maeda
Arrangement by Jun Maeda
Not to be confused with The Same Heights.

To the Same Heights (同じ高みへ, Onaji Takami e or Onaji Takami he?) is the fifth track of the second disc of the Clannad Original Soundtrack album. It was released on 13 August 2004. The main melody of this song was later used as a basis to compose A Song That Ticks Away Time, the opening of the Clannad ~After Story~ anime.

A piano arrangement was released in Piano no Mori.


  • To the Same Heights was covered in metal style as the eighth track of the album Keeper of the Metal Key Part II by the doujin metal band South of Heaven.