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Under the Green Tree
Midori no Ki no Shita de
Clannad ~After Story~, Summary Episode
Tomoya telling Fuko and Ushio about his past.
Tomoya telling Fuko and Ushio about his past.
Air date (Japan) 26 March 2009
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The Event from One Year Before
Another World: Kyou Chapter
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Under the Green Tree (緑の樹の下で, Midori no Ki no Shita de?) is the twenty-fourth and summary episode of Clannad ~After Story~. It was first broadcast in Japan on 26 March 2009.


Tomoya tells Ushio of the past events that happened from when he first met Nagisa, until after Ushio is born and Nagisa survives. When Ushio falls asleep during the story, he begins to quite clearly recall a more tragic set of circumstances. At the end of this retelling, Tomoya, with Ushio and Fuko who are both asleep, are shown under a tree at the present time having a picnic. Ushio wakes up, just before Nagisa calls the three of them (off-screen), saying that it is time to head home.

Major events[]

  • It's revealed the ending to episode 16 as well as episodes 17-21 occurred in an alternate universe but Tomoya retains his memories of that time.



  • This is a recap of the canon storyline featuring the entirety of the series' cast; the Kyou and Tomoyo arcs are not referenced and neither is the preceding episode.
  • Tomoya briefly discusses the events of episodes 17-21 even though the timeline was changed in episode 22.
  • Tomoya confirms the Ushio of episodes 17-21 (as well as the Girl in the Illusionary World) and the canon Ushio are two different people, which would make sense since he was the only person who actually met all three versions of Ushio: the Ushio born in the world where Nagisa dies, the Ushio of the Illusionary World (as the Girl) and the canon Ushio.
  • This episode is billed as the 25th and final episode on the DVD Boxset.