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Until the End of the Dream
Yume no Saigo Made
Clannad, Episode 9
Fuko congratulating her sister after getting married to Yusuke.
Fuko congratulating her sister after getting married to Yusuke.
Air date (Japan) 29 November 2007
Air date (US) 3 May 2009
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The Wind That Vanishes Into Dusk
The Girl Genius' Challenge
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Until the End of the Dream (夢の最後まで, Yume no Saigo Made?) is the ninth episode of Clannad. The episode was first broadcast in Japan on 29 November 2007, and in the United States on 3 May 2009.


Tomoya, Nagisa, and Fuko spend the night at school having a pre-celebration for Kouko's wedding. In the morning, Tomoya and Nagisa have forgotten about Fuko and cannot see her. Both Tomoya and Nagisa later feel that there is something important that they are forgetting, and finally remember about Kouko's wedding, which is also when they are able to see Fuko again. On the wedding day, initially the only students to arrive were Tomoya, Nagisa, and Fuko, but after the ceremony it is shown that everyone who had received a starfish came to the wedding. Fuko ultimately disappears after thanking Tomoya and Nagisa for what they have done, and congratulating her older sister. A rumor still persists at Tomoya's school of Fuko as a cute girl who is constantly running through the school.

Major events[]

  • Yusuke and Kouko get married.
  • Fuko's ikiryou disappears.
  • Fuko accomplishes her goal of getting everyone to attend Kouko's wedding



  • Maiden of the Wind of the Sorarado Append album was used as an insert song at the beginning of the episode, during the scene where Tomoya and Nagisa bring Fuko to the clubroom.
  • Ana was used as the insert song during the wedding scene.