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Will you cut it out with that song already? Can't you see? It's an evil force… Anything that can take over your brain for days is an evil force. It's hypnotic; it hypnotizes you. Sure, it may be a cute, innocent song, but there is an evil force hiding behind that cute little ditty… Really, that song will get stuck in your head and repeat itself over and over again… even before you started singing it, I think it was there in my head. It takes root, like a weed, a noxious weed… like a dandelion, or a thistle… Yes, I'm ranting… that song, it just… ugh! And y'know, you don't help matters by playing all these different versions of it, either. And then you start singing it! Jeez…

 ⋯ some time later ⋯ 
…you could take over the world by turning everyone into mindless dango zombies…

 ⋯ the next day as I sing ⋯ 
Oh fuddle duddle… is this the song with the video about the little things that you eat? And they've got their whole little family? Yeah… you eat them. Somebody is going to come along and eat the big family of doughnut holes… it's worse than the Teletubbies… oh, sure, they're cute, but so are little piglets before they're sent off to the slaughter house…

Michael von Preußen's mother on Dango Daikazoku

Welcome! I'm Michael von Preußen, an editor and administrator here at the Clannad Wiki! If you encounter any difficulty while editing, please don't hesitate to leave me a message. I'm always available to help.

About My Name

  • My surname is pronounced /fɔn ˈprɔɪsən/.
  • Where the character ß is unavailable, it may be substituted with ss.
  • Should you find the need to yell at me due to one of my edits, be aware that there are two correct ways to spell my surname in capital letters: VON PREUẞEN and VON PREUSSEN. Nonsense addressed to a MICHAEL VON PREUßEN will be marked 'return to sender', as will any version of my name employing the use of the letter B.

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