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With the Same Smile as That Day
Ano Hi to Onaji Egao de
Clannad ~After Story~, Episode 4
Tomoya and Youhei meeting for the first time.
Tomoya and Youhei meeting for the first time.
Air date (Japan) 24 October 2008
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The Season You Were In
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With the Same Smile as That Day (あの日と同じ笑顔で, Ano Hi to Onaji Egao de?) is the fourth episode of Clannad ~After Story~. The episode was first broadcast in Japan on 24 October 2008.


Youhei has not been coming to class lately, and his friends and Mei are worrying about his situation. Mei, Tomoya, and Nagisa visit the Soccer Club and try to convince them to let Youhei rejoin and after a grueling task of fetching soccer balls, the club still will not let Youhei back on the team. While the leader of the soccer team makes Mei cry, and picks on her, Youhei storms in and starts beating up the entire soccer club, with the help of Tomoya. After the soccer team members leave, Tomoya and Youhei have another fight about the protection of Mei. Youhei finally admits he was worried about Mei, and the fight is resolved after Mei and Nagisa interject. Tomoya later recounts to himself how he and Youhei first met.

Major events[]

  • Youhei's past with the Soccer Club is revealed.
  • It is discovered that Youhei is actually a caring brother