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Yuki and Saki

Yuki and saki
Anime debut The Season You Were In
Japanese voice actor Yui Kano (Yuki)
Miyuki Kawasho (Saki)
English voice actor Shelley Calene-Black (Yuki)
Maggie Flecknoe (Saki)

Yuki and Saki were friends of Misae Sagara and Katsuki Shima in the past.


Yuki and Saki were both kind and caring individuals.


Yuki has blue eyes and neck-length brown hair.

Saki has dark-purple hair and brown eyes.

Both Saki and Yuki wear their school's female uniform.

~After Story~[]

The two girls were first introduced as Misae's friends. They later befriended Shima and would help him get close to Misae. It is later revealed that they still have contact with Misae after finishing high school.