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Yukine Miyazawa
Miyazawa Yukine

Miyazawa yukine
Birthday Thursday, 7 August 1986
Height 157 cm (5' 2")
Weight 45 kg (99 lbs)
Blood type A
Anime debut Once Again After Crying
Relatives Kazuto Miyazawa
(brother, deceased)
Japanese voice actor Atsuko Enomoto
English voice actor Maggie Flecknoe
References: [1][2]

Yukine Miyazawa (宮沢有紀寧, Miyazawa Yukine?) is a quiet second-year student who hangs around in the library's reference room during lunchtime where she helps others find books.

In the visual novel, her arc simply explains her everyday life with Youhei Sunohara and Tomoya Okazaki, until the moment where a year has passed since her brother Kazuto Miyazawa died. She then visits the grave with Tomoya and her brother's gang and, after giving a very emotional speech, she is kissed by Tomoya.


Yukine is a beautiful fair-skinned young girl with straight waist-length light-brown hair that has a prominent ahoge with bangs covering her forehead and while she has locks of hair covering her ears and sleepy blue eyes.


Yukine is a polite, helpful and motherly girl who often serves tea to others.


Tomoya Okazaki first met Yukine in the library's reference room while trying to find a "how to" book about speeches for Nagisa Furukawa. He is immediately greeted by her hospitality and returns the next day with Youhei Sunohara due to Youhei's insistence. Ever since, Tomoya, Nagisa and Youhei start to enter the library reference room routinely.

She later avails Tomoya and Youhei an instruction book for magical spells for them to try. Most of them are in the favor of Tomoya, involving the girls they met. The most well-known spell is the one where he accidentally found himself locked inside the gym storage room with Kyou Fujibayashi.

~After Story~[]

In After Story, is it revealed that Yukine has friends outside of her school, who turn out to be delinquents from other schools. She made friends with the delinquents through her brother, Kazuto Miyazawa, who was also a delinquent, after his death trying to save a friend from an accident. The delinquents respect her and think of her as being their older caring sister. Some of them even go to the reference room when she is there to eat and get their wounds treated. However, aside from the members of his gang, no one else knows that Kazuto died. They decided to keep this a secret because of their rivalry with another gang, who would charge at them if they knew that their leader died.

In her arc during the anime, after a series of violent fights between the members of the rival gangs which threaten to end with the police intervening. After a fight between Tomoya Okazaki (all the other members of her gang and Sunohara had been unable to fight after eating Sanae Furukawa's special rainbow bread combined with what is implied to be Akiko's infamous jam) and Sasaki, a member of the opposite gang, she manages to make the two sides reconcile after being hit by Sasaki. He accidentally hit her since she had dressed up as Kazuto to try and stop the fighting. After revealing the truth about her brother's death, she visits Kazuto's tomb with everyone and the two sides promise to be on friendly terms for her sake. After the visit, she tells Tomoya, Nagisa and Youhei Sunohara about the existence of light orbs, revealing their origin.

Yukine, along with many others, attended Nagisa Furukawa's solo graduation ceremony and she is later seen in a photo during the New Years Party which showed her with the two gangs that have peacefully settled together. Years after graduating, she is shown still caring for the members of her brother's gang.


  • Yukine has an interest in magic spells.
  • Yukine's theme song is Tea Party in the Reference Room.
  • Yukine is noted to be an excellent cook, even though she prepares ready-made food most of the time and she has a small gas stove in the reference room in order to prepare meals for her guests.
  • According to the scriptwriters, Yukine was originally intended to be one of the main heroines of Clannad, but as her story did not reach their expectations, she was made into a secondary character. However, she was still depicted on the regular edition cover of the PC release, and on the PlayStation 2 release which used the same art as the regular PC release.
  • The name Yukine means "exist" (有) (yu), "chronicle" (紀) (ki) and "rather, preferably" (寧) (ne).
  • Yukine's surname Miyazawa means "temple, shrine, palace" (宮) (miya) and "marsh" (沢) (sawa/zawa).



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