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Yusuke Yoshino
Yoshino Yūsuke

Yoshino yusuke
Birthday 5 December (Sagittarius)
Height 179 cm (5' 10")
Weight 63 kg (139 lbs)
Blood type O
Occupation Electrician, musician
Anime debut Once Again After Crying
Relatives Kouko Ibuki (fiancée/wife)
Fuko Ibuki (sister-in-law)
Japanese voice actor Hikaru Midorikawa
English voice actor Illich Guardiola
References: [1]

Yusuke Yoshino (芳野祐介, Yoshino Yūsuke?) is an electrician who once lived as a rock musician. He is admired by Mei for his infrequent rock play. Tomoya first met Yusuke during a street light accident involving a person's car, and assists Yusuke in his work. Yusuke seems to like speeches, and is always talking about youth and the gifts he can give to young people. However, only Youhei and Mei seem to appreciate his speeches, which the rest of the cast are totally indifferent to.

Through Yusuke, Tomoya realizes the pain of working in society. Yusuke is engaged to Kouko Ibuki, and is also one of the reasons why Fuko Ibuki still exists as an ikiryō in Tomoya's school. After marrying Kouko, they go to the hospital to thank Fuko for making the celebration be successful.

He gives Tomoya a job as an assistant electrician in his company, the Hikarizaka Electric Company, and sometimes gives him advice. Due to Tomoya's interest in him, Yusuke tells him of his past - how he became a rock musician, rose in fame, and how his career ended due to his loss of his original motivation. He sang for his own sake, trying to empty himself of all his feelings. However, he slowly realized that his music wasn't his own anymore, as it belonged to everyone who listened to it and relied on his songs to live on and give them hope. Not being able to bear this, he fell into misery, falling a victim of stress and drugs and losing 40% of his fortune on the way. After being rehabilitated, no one wanted him anymore, except for Kouko, who had encouraged him to become a rock musician during his high school days. Throwing away his past, he now works as an electrician. Realizing that there are people who still love his music through Tomoya. Yusuke decides to create another music CD that sings his love for the city.